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Real Estate Agent Planner

What's Inside:

Monthly Planning Pages

  • 6 Months of undated planner pages
  • Monthly goal setting including Commissions, Closings, New Listing, Etc.
  • Monthly business expense tracking
  • Monthly positive habit creating


Weekly Planning Pages

  • Weekly schedule overview
  • Weekly top priorities
  • To-Do List
  • Habit / Ritual tracker
  • Weekly goal review
  • Weekly number review (# of new listings, new leads, showings, etc.)
  • Weekly journal prompts to prepare your mindset for the week ahead


Daily Planning Pages

  • Weekly focus
  • Daily top 3 priorities
  • Daily gratitude journaling section
  • Daily To-Do section
  • Time Blocking Schedule


Goal Setting

  • 6-Month goal setting section
  • Set goals for Commissions, Volume, Closings, Buyers, Listings
  • Create your yearly budget for common real estate fees
  • Set goals in all areas of life (Family & Friends, Personal Growth, Health & Fitness, Etc.)


Cashflow Tracking

  • See where your money is going each month
  • Track monthly income
  • Track monthly expenses


Pending Sales Trackers

  • A complete checklist to take you from negotiations to closing and beyond
  • Property information
  • Client information
  • Lender, Title / Attorney, Cooperating Agent, Inspector contact information
  • Timeline date tracker (Track acceptance date, inspection date, inspection period end date, etc.)
  • Document checklist: Keep track of all of the documents you'll need to complete your transaction


Seller Lead Sheet

  • Get all the information you need to list a property
  • Property information
  • Client information
  • Client questionnaire to help you and your clients get on the same page


Buyer Consultation Sheets

  • Client information
  • Co-buyer information
  • Client questionnaire


Listing Management Checklist

  • The ultimate checklist to get your listing ready for the MLS
  • From scheduling the photographer to monitoring market changes, this list has it all.


Closing Trackers

  • Keep track of each of your closings
  • An easy way to see your total income for the year

Real Estate Agent Planner


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