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Biz Ownhers Inc. was founded and designed in 2020 by Tamparey Jones With 4 core targets: Women and Teens' economic success, skill development, help in starting a business, and tools for staying relevant in today’s business world.


This organization sets out to make an esteemed impact in the community regarding the advancement of women and teens who have been torn down by hardships while cultivating unity and a brighter future for all!

There are numerous ways to get involved with this inspiring charity, from donating money or professional clothing, to volunteering. Clothing is essential, but also networking, mentoring, and life skill development all help women achieve their dreams of economic independence. We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.


What We Do









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As a survivor of living in poverty and domestic violence, Biz Ownhers/C.E.O.
Tamparey Jones dedicates herself to building up young women because she knows what it once felt like to be torn down.

Her ultimate goal is to initiate social impact by cultivating opportunities for the economic and social advancement of women to gain the resources, power, and confidence to conquer their dreams!


The Women of Biz Ownhers Community strive to raise awareness and funds for:

Workshops & Trainings (to educate on starting a business and the day to day operations) 

Branding (consulting on reaching their audiences through marketing, content creation, promotions and social media marketing)


Launching (setup of website, assistance with brick & motar, products, setting up a launch campaign).

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We Need Your Support Today!

ANY PURCHASE MADE FROM BIZ Ownhers will go directly to our organization